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Ingrown Hair Removal - Bikini Area.Ingrown Hair Treatment Manhattan

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Ingrown Hair Removal: Brazilian Bikini Exfoliation Treatments

Nothing is more annoying and sometimes painful than ingrown hairs, especially in the bikini area. Ingrown hairs can occur naturally, from having curly hair, wearing clothing that is too tight, or wearing certain fabrics. However, most ingrown hairs in the bikini area are the result of shaving the unwanted hair.

How Brazilian Bikini Exfoliation Treatments Work

We use only the finest natural ingredients for our ingrown hair exfoliation treatments. The process is very simple and is composed of these steps:

  • Cleansing the affected area
  • Application of the exfoliation mask
  • Removal of ingrown hairs using a sterile disposable needle
  • Use of a high frequency machine to help prevent infection or inflammation


Try Dyanna Spa’s Brazilian Bikini Exfoliation Treatment for ingrown hairs. Once you do, you’ll never consider another way to deal with the problem.  Our treatment is safe, fast and effective.

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